“Stained glass dances” is a concept album that depicts the characteristics that form a stained glass window. When played, every short piece is connected to symbolize the image of colored glass pieces one can find on such windows. Each glass is unique, but only regarding all of them as a unity permits to know about the story portrayed on the stained glass window, otherwise, the glasses would be mixed like the inside of a kaleidoscope. The textures of these magical windows are enhanced with natural sunlight, making them magnificent, sparkle and be an integral part of its existence.

Making this recording, I was greatly inspired by stained glass, which I have seen in great European gothic cathedrals and other churches; especially inside the famous Sainte-Chapelle in Paris with thousands of these colorful pieces of glass, which also left an imprint on Olivier Messiaen and his musical output. In Japan I have had an amazing opportunity to admire different types of beautiful glass artworks in Otaru, including stained glass windows, but also lamps and sculptures from one of my favorite styles – Art Nouveau. It inspired me a great deal and helped mature the concept of this CD.

Works recorded on the CD are mostly very short; one could often describe them as “miniatures”. They symbolize single, colored glasses from a stained glass window. Nevertheless, all of them are connected with each other, permitting to create a picture of dance in its complete spectrum. The pieces are divided in four sections – like individual scenes from a stained glass window. Recorded works are original organ pieces, improvisations and transcriptions of orchestral works, often with ballet provenance. They have a secular character, which is rare in the history of organ music, because the strict connection of this instrument with a sacrum sphere. These types of works correspond well with a relatively new place for organ – a concert hall. Also its acoustic, which allows a big precision and clearness of playing, seems to be very familiar with the “dance music”.